Stories of Sleazy Professors

...One 2014 analysis of 51 studies of harassment and discrimination in medical training found that almost 60 percent of trainees had experienced them in one form or another.

A recent Association of American Universities survey on sexual assault and sexual misconduct at 27 universities indicated an alarming amount of reported sexual harassment at the graduate level by faculty members. At the graduate level at Yale, for example, 29.5 percent of female students and 18.2 percent of male students reported sexual harassment by faculty members.

Students still hesitate to report bad behavior — to tell their stories — for the same reasons that I did all those years ago, including fear of retribution. The reluctance to come forward lingers even beyond graduation. The world of academic medicine is tight. People talk.

But what’s to be done with the many stories like mine, composting under the surface, the stories of harassment that don’t seem worth reporting because of concern about a backlash? We need a safe way for students to tell those stories without having to wait for years to feel that it’s safe...

Anna Reisman for The Chronicle of Higher Education