Testimonial Submission

SANG believes that one of the most powerful ways to effectively combat sexual violence is through sharing personal experiences. However, we also understand that with this tool comes different risks depending on our various subjectivities and circumstances. Many of us have experienced firsthand how the fear of professional ramifications keeps graduate students and professional students silenced, resulting in their experiences of harassment and violence further marginalizing us within academic institutions. In an effort to break this silence, show universities and the public that sexual violence exists at all phases of education, and learn more about the specific challenges graduate and professional students face, SANG is collecting submissions of personal experiences of harassment and violence. Your submission is completely anonymous and will only be posted on our Testimonials page with your permission. We encourage you to edit all identifying information from your submission. We hope to create an online space that gives voice to experiences too often sacrificed for professional reasons. Through speaking and listening, we can and will cultivate a sense of collective responsibility to change the cultural norms that currently define academia. 

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